1. Committee

Glen Oak Kindergarten was established in 2001 by a Parent Action Group, after the closure of a local kindergarten St Oswalds Anglican Kindergarten.

Glen Oak is an independent kindergarten run by a Committee of Management elected by and from the parent body at the Annual General Meeting/Parents Information night held at the end of each year.

The Committee of Management manage the legal, financial and employment responsibilities of the kindergarten. These responsibilities include, employment and management of staff, developing policies and procedures for the service, processing of fee, liaisons with funding bodies, ensuring compliance with the Children's Services Regulations and other relevant legislation, maintenance of the building and the purchase of equipment.

Committee meeting are held once a month.

2. Staffing

Glen Oak Kindergarten has well educated, caring and dedicated staff who are passionate about children and who work hard to encourage these children in the early years.

It is a requirement by law that there is at least one qualified staff member present during each session. This means that the Teacher has a minimum approved Diploma of Early Childhood or equivalent. All staff have police checks.

Teacher - Margaret Palmieri

Co-workers - Jessman Cheung, Baan Petros and Nenita Callegari

Glen Oak Kindergarten encourage and support their staff to undertake professional development.

3. Communication

The Teacher provides an outline of each program and this is displayed on the notice board inside the kindergarten. Confidential records of each child is maintained and in keeping with privacy laws is kept within a locked storage facility.

Communication between parents and teacher is very strongly encouraged on a regular informal basis and on a formal basis. Mid year interviews are arranged and the regular observations and records maintained by the Teacher throughout the year form the basis for discussion of the child's progress and any special needs. A written report is provided for each child at the end of the year.

Children also receive regular newsletters and notices at the end of each session.

4. Lunch and Snack Provisions

Parents are requested to send lunch to all 4 year old sessions, and please ensure all food is of a healthy nature (no chips, lollies or soft drink) and clearly labelled in an easily opened container as this encourages independence. For snacks, please bring 2 pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables to your first session of the week to be cut up and shared for snack times. Such as apple, banana, tomato, dried fruit, carrots and cucumbers.

5. Things from home

Please remember to dress children in clothes that they can manage themselves. For example, trousers that pull down easily when children go to the toilet. Suitable shoes should be worn for safe climbing on the outside equipment and under no circumstances are thongs and crocs to be worn. Teachers will do their best to protect the children's clothes and they will wear smocks / aprons when they paint, play with clay, and other such activities. However, it is not possible for children to stay clean at all times so it is best for children to wear clothes that wash easily. Glen Oak Kindergarten does provide the option to purchase a uniform of a windcheater, t-shirt and hat. They are hard wearing and wash well.
Order forms are provided with the invite to the AGM and orders will be taken on the night.
Nb. This is not a compulsory uniform. All clothing should be clearly named.
Kindergarten Bag
A kindergarten bag of some sort is recommended for carrying a change of clothes and artwork to and from kindergarten. Children will be assigned hooks in the building or under the veranda for hanging their belongings.
Sun Hats
Please send along a sun hat for your child on hot and sunny days (from spring to the end of summer). Hats must be of an approved (Anti Cancer Council) design either legionnaire or broad brimmed. Please apply sunscreen at home as staff are unable to provide and apply sunscreen due to time restraints and legal implications.

6. Medication

If children require medication during a session, the medication should be clearly marked with the child's name. A letter of authorisation must be written (format supplied on request) and the medication record book filled in.

Our staff are trained in First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylactic management.

7. Birthday Celebrations

Children love to celebrate their birthday with their friends. If you would like to bring a cake or cupcakes in to celebrate, please discuss this with the Teacher prior to the day. Staff are aware and sensitive to the needs of children with allergies and food intolerances.

8. Parent Duty

Parents are able to volunteer their services for parent duty each term, and attend one working bee a year. This role involves sharing in the play and learning environment of the child and carrying out various tasks which support the program and ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained. We understand parents have many commitments so we welcome not only little brothers and sisters but also Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbours etc.

9. Sponsors