Program Per Term Per Annum
4 Year Old (15hr) 2019 fees $360.00 $1440.00
3 Year Old (4hr) 2018 fees $250.00 $1000.00

In addition to the grant received from the State Government your fees contribute to the operational costs of the kindergarten Your fees are used to contribute to

Fee Structure

The State Government provides a subsidy per child which contributes towards the cost of providing a kindergarten program for 4 year olds. The kindergarten is responsible for meeting all other costs over and above this. Fees are necessary because there is a shortfall between the level of government funding and the costs of operating a viable kindergarten program. There is no funding for 3 year old kindergarten.

In 2008 the committee has reviewed its Fee Structure in line with the new Fee Policy Requirements as released by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development.

Glen Oak kindergarten has introduced one fee amount per program which covers the day to day operational expenses. The previous additional Fundraising and Incursion levies have been removed and incorporated within the total fee amount.

In summary:


There are Fee subsidies available for the 4 year old program for eligible concession card holders.

There are also discounts for families with Triplets and Quadruplets. This does not apply to families with twins.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

In 2008 Glen Oak Kindergarten became a Registered Care Provider with the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Families who meet the Family Assistance Office work/training/study test can claim the Child Care Benefit (CCB) for both 3 and 4 year old programs. The Child Care Benefit is claimed from the FAO directly after fees have been paid in full. A CCB receipt will be issued by the kindergarten at the end of each term, upon request by the family.

Fees and levies payable are collected by the Committee. An account is issued during the last 4 weeks of each term and is payable by the date specified, which is before the end of that term. Fees are payable one term in advance. Fees and/or levies apply irrespective of public holidays, sickness, holidays or other absences.